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with our channel approach

Our expert team will check in with you continuously and run A/B tests following our proven methodology to boost your revenue. You manage the budget and frequency through our platform.

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Expert team

Our team specializes in building high quality experiences, fast.

We breathe conversion. We have been working with CRO for 12+ years and have our own proven methodology that we use to get you the results you seek.
Our experienced developers are fast in creating code for A/B tests. Anything from small to large tests, can be executed with a high knowledge of anti-flickering and execution.
Our designers love performance. In conversion design, years of learnings from past tests matter the world.

Stay in control

Your control, powered by our platform

We are making your life easy.

To enable your control, we have built a platform where you can easily manage budgets, accept/reject ideas, add requests and have one overview of your results.
We believe in strong communication. You will get a dedicated lead that you will have continuous check-ins with.
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A proven system

  • 1Kickoff & Research We will help you prepare all tools that we need to perform high-quality split-testing and conduct an in-depth audit of your setup and conversion opportunities based on your data.
  • 2Communication & Prioritization We will present an initial roadmap, streamline check-ins and onboard you to our platform, to enable transparency of work and enable the control at the level you want.
  • 3Ongoing Experimentation We will use our expertise to build and launch ongoing experiments with the aim of improving the KPIs that are important for your business.
  • 4Results & Learnings We will analyze results and share learnings and insights continuously nd make them available on our platform, so you always have one overview.

What is CRO as a Channel?

Patrick Olsen from Growth.Studio was invited to Ole Gregersen's podcast, to talk about CRO as a Channel (Danish).

Frequently asked questions

Growth.Studio will manage your entire A/B-tests program within agreed scope. That includes research, ideation, prioritization, communication, roadmap management, designing, copywriting (in certain languages), test-tracking, test coding, launching, monitoring, and analyzing results.

We have built a framework and a platform that allow you to be as little or as much involved as you wish.
After we have setup the needed tools, you can either lean back and only manage the budget - og you can be involved in approving and requesting tests. Either way, we need a person or a group of people we can reach out to if we have questions. Also, our experiment delivery ends when we have proven a certain split-test. That means that implementation of the design we have tested after the test has run, will be done by your developers. Everything else will be handled by us.

Usually our clients see a 3-12X Return on Investment on split-test activities after a year.

Most businesses have a hard time getting CRO to stick and bring continuous results due to all the skills that are involved. That is why we have developed our solution, that enables you to treat CRO as a new revenue stream that can boost your business over time.

We have over 12 years of experience doing split-tests, and we have found a model that works well for us and our clients.

Other agencies have a big focus on standardization of deliveries across clients. We would rather treat each client's conversion needs uniquely. That is why we do not hold back on running customized or larger tests either, if we believe that can make the big difference.

To give extra transparency and control to our clients, we have developed a simple platform that allows one overview of activities. Also, we only accept a limited amount of CRO clients at any given time, to be sure we can give our clients the focus their conversion rate deserves.

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