Accelerated development

Wouldn't it be nice, if you could launch entire projects, MVPs, prototypes or experiments, fast - without the need of your internal IT department? This is our specialty.

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import { Switch } from '@headlessui'

function Example() {
	const [enabled, setEnabled] = useState(true)

	return (
		<form action="/notification-settings" method="post">
			<Switch checked={enabled} onChange={setEnabled} name="notifications">
				{/* ... */}

Launch fast

MVPs & Prototypes

Do you need a version one?

Our experienced developers save time by using a highly tailored working process, avoiding dependencies and by being able to re-use pre-developed functionality from our own extensive library.
This allows you to get from 0 to 1 fast, while keeping the flexibility to extend on the code.
We also have designers, who can prototype experiences without the need of code, depending on the needs and requirements.
We've for example assisted VELUX with this

Accelerated development

Custom development projects

Our team specializes in building high quality experiences, fast.

Weather you need a custom web shop, marketplace, SaaS, app, crawlers, integrations, or something entirely different, we can take you through the entire process.
We believe in strong communication. You will get a dedicated project manager, and we will assign design-tasks, frontend-tasks and backend-tasks to our respective specialists.
We've for example assisted DBA with this


A/B test coding

Experience how easy it can be to test things.

Our developers are trained for rapid A/B test development. This will mitigate the time-to-test and secure a continuous test flow.
We have extensive experience with anti-flickering, pixel-perfect design, test-specific tracking, and speed optimization and can optimize accordingly, no matter the size of the test.
We've for example assisted LOMAX with this

Know your customers

Get to market-fit faster

We specialize in helping you discover how to build an experience and a channel-mix that resonates with your ideal customer profile.

We love to test things 'in the real world'. That also means that we need to show something to potential customers or users, fast.
By watching behavior and talking to customers and users, it is possible to get to know what works and what does not.
By learning and iterating fast, it is possible to find the recipe you wish to scale, faster.
We've for example assisted ROCKWOOL with this

Some of the technologies we use


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